When I was told at the age of 40 that my knees life had come to an end and that I would have to wait 10 years until I could have a knee replacement I was naturally very depressed.  A family man with young kids and a passion for playing sport the news was unthinkable. Research on the internet exposed me to cartilage regrowth implants. The rep of the company pioneering this procedure introduced me to George Tselentakis, a genius who was to change my life.  In October 2007 I underwent the procedure. A surgeon who has a fantastic bedside manner, explaining all in layman’s terms and re-assuring me and my family all the way. Two years down the line I have skied, cycled and last season scored 1000 runs at cricket!! George is always at the end of the phone to answer my many questions, fully up to date with medical advances.  I would recommend anyone to have a consultation with him.

Chris Dahl 5 stars

I’m Adam Bick a full time Judo player, training at the British Judo Performance Institute and part of the Great Britain Judo Team. After rupturing my ACL in 2006 Mr. George Tselentakis operated, reconstructing my Anterior Cruciate Knee Ligament. I can’t speak highly enough for what George Tselentakis did for me, throughout what was a difficult time for me he was understanding of my needs and demands of my sports, he took the time and care towards what was best for me and did everything he could to ensure it was successful, from the initial operation until I was back competing.

Since my operation, I have made a full recovery and look to continue my career in judo. I will always be grateful for what Mr. George Tselentakis did for me, he is a great man who I cannot recommend highly enough.

Adam Bick - GB Judo Team 5 stars

In early 2008 my left knee replacement (1995) was worn out. I was finding it difficult to walk and was experiencing discomfort. My GP recommended I consult Mr. Tselentakis who performed a revision operation on 22nd April 2008. The operation was a complete success. Exactly 4 week’s after the operation on 20th May I drove my automatic car from Purley in Surrey to Blakeney on the north coast of Norfolk with no ill effects. Since that time I have made good progress with my mobility. I am most grateful to Mr. Tselentakis for his outstanding skill in affording me a new lease of life.

John Lindblom 5 stars

Mr. Tselentakis operated on my right knee in July 2009 and then my left knee in February 2010. I have nearly full use of the right and hardly any scarring and left one is healing even quicker. He is absolutely the best. Thank you for turning an old cripple bag into a dashing Flossie – my new high heels are waiting in the cupboard. Thank you , thank you.

Dawn Chamberlain 5 stars

I tore my anterior cruciate ligament whilst skiing in February 2009. Mr. Tselentakis provided not only an expert reconstruction of the ligament but also extremely helpful guidance on rehabilitation and recovery. I’m pleased to say that a year after the injury and ten months after surgery, I was back on the slopes for a successful week of skiing!

Cameron Crise 5 stars

A total knee replacement is not a pleasurable event. Meeting Mr. George Tselentakis is. To the total confidence that his high professional qualifications in this very specialized field give to the prospective patient is added the pleasure of meeting a man of warm humanity and wide learning. I am a grateful patient.

Sir Geoffrey Chandler 5 stars

I first met Mr. George Tselentakis at Gatwick Park, I had at this time had 4 operations. Nothing to do with George Tselentakis.  So I was worried about having yet another operation. My first visit to see Mr. Tselentakis was so relaxed, he explained everything and said it would be a different operation because the other operations went wrong so I was disabled.. He was wonderful, caring and polite and explained every detail. I was quite worried at the end and I think he could see I was upset. He suggested another visit. In May I have an appointment and again in July, we chatted and he said you haven’t made a decision yet have you and I said no!! He explained he was going on holiday in August and if I made a decision to call his secretary and she would make all arrangement for September of which I did. Mr. George Tselentakis operated and I was so surprised. He is wonderful and his anaesthetist visited me twice a day and his manner was wonderful too. He was so kind and understanding. There are few doctors and surgeons around so I was lucky to have found Mr. George Tselentakis – God Bless Him. To conclude all I can say is thank you, he is a very talented man and such a sense of humour, a real gentleman. I feel honoured to have found him – many thanks for all you have done for me.

Mrs. Beryl Butcher 5 stars

I have recently had a knee revision and am absolutely delighted with the outcome. I was completely satisfied with the surgery and aftercare I received and would not hesitate to recommend Mr. George Tselentakis to others. He was most supportive and patient in helping me to understand what the operation entailed, and I always flet my well being was of personal importance to him."

Christine Hellis 5 stars

It is almost 2 years since Mr. Tselentakis performed by Knee Replacement in April 2008, I was then 79 years old and the though of a knee replacement filled me with grave doubts as to whether it would be a success, in view of my age, I need not have worried however, and I am pleased to say that after 2 years of constant use, my new knee is almost as good as my original. I feel this is due to Mr. Tselentakis’ skill and attention and care taken before and during the operation which was first class. I cannot thank him enough. I am now in my eighty second year and still very active, bowling four times a week and dancing, not bad for an old codger. I would not have been able to do this with my old knee, thank you one again for all your help.

Jack Sam 5 stars

In 2004 I was suffering from acute pain in my knee. Fortunately I was recommended to Mr. Tselentakis as a consultant surgeon who had great experience in performing knee replacement operations. The operation was performed at the beginning of 2005 and was wholly successful. Since then the knee has given me no pain at all and is to all intents and purposes a new one. Before the operation Mr. Tselentakis was encouraging, reassuring and optimistic. After the operation he was strict and firm in ensuring that I completed the daily programme of exercises which, I am sure, played an important role in my rapid and complete recovery from the operation. At every stage of the whole process Mr. Tselentakis displayed a perfect combination of high professional skills and warm personal charm and encouragement. Any patient would welcome this, but especially a nervous patient in her (or his) eighties. I would recommend Mr. Tselentakis to anyone facing the need for surgery of any kind and who is therefore looking for a consultant surgeon who combines the highest level of skill and professional experience with genuine warmth, reassurance and encouragement.

Mrs. Hazel Brooke-Turner 5 stars

Before I had my knee replacement operations I was suffering a lot of pain and a poor quality of life due to poor mobility. Since the operations my life really has been transformed. I am pain free and now enjoy a level of mobility that I never thought possible. Thank you so much.

Olivia Love 5 stars

Footballing injury worsened due to basketball training

"When you learn that your child requires surgery, a level of concern naturally follows. Mr. Tselentakis afforded a level of professionalism and care that left my wife and I in no doubt that he would be able to successfully treat and repair the damage in our son’s knee. He carried out a procedure that delivered our collective expectation.

I had no hesitation when my second son experienced knee pain in taking him to see Mr. Tselentakis. On the first occasion he advised a non surgical programme of rehabilitation via physiotherapy which was not in his financial interest, but very much in the interest of treating the patient. This was successful in every respect, unfortunately my son did require a procedure on his other knee as a result of a later sporting injury. This too was promptly and successfully treated with a procedure which involved removal of the detached cartilage and a regeneration technique, we read about this “new technique’ some months later in a national newspaper, demonstrating that Mr. Tselentakis is a leading surgeon practicing the very latest procedures. Both sons continue to play sprt at a high level and we will always be grateful to Mr. Tselentakis for the valuable part he played in this.

James 5 stars

I have been extremely enthusiastic sportsman from a very early age, I began playing team football at the age of 6, karate at age 9 and had been very interested in basketball whilst at primary school, practicing every break and lunchtime. Whilst taking part in a primary school football training session my left knee collided with the goalkeeper, there was discomfort for a few days. At about 12 years of age during a football training session, I was tackled from behind, resulting in my left knee twisting. Some months later I experienced my knee swelling and collapsing whilst partaking in various sporting activities, often playing squash or basketball, accompanied with discomfort and sporadic pain. I discovered a loose body floating around in the knee joint, at this point my Dad and I felt it necessary to consult a specialist. My main concern was how quickly I could get back to playing basketball, my GP referred me to Mr. Tselentakis. Once the results of the MRI Scan were known Mr. Tselentakis suggested that he perform micro fracture surgery to remove the detached cartilage and carry out a procedure to facilitate regeneration of the lost cartilage. Mr. Tselentakis explained fully the effects of the surgery, in particular on my basketball career and assured me that I would make a full recovery and be back training in a matter of weeks. After the surgery I was on crutches and wearing a movement restricting knee brace for 7 weeks. During which time I underwent rigorous rehabilitation program under the close supervision of Mr. Tselentakis and a physiotherapist. Once off of crutches I began a more rigorous strengthening programme to rebuild the muscle loss, continuing under close supervision of Mr. Tselentakis, I was soon to complete at a high level once again. In the season that followed I was back to my high scoring and explosive self, showing no effects of the procedure and was delighted when Mr. Tselentakis found the time to come with his son and watch me play. Currently I hope to play at the highest collegiate level in the United States, something that would not have been achievable without the exceptional care and expertise of Mr. Tsleentakis. I am indebted to Mr. Tselentakis for his care, skill and attention to detail and especially for his understanding of my own long terms goals. The care he provided allowed me to get back on the court fully healed with no side effects."

Left Knee Injury at the age of 12

I experienced pain and discomfort in my left knee, I often played through the pain until it was clear to my Coach and Dad that I should be substituted, both and pain and being taken off were unbearable. I was referred by my GP to Mr. Tselentakis, just as my brother had previously, I was confident he would be able to help me by providing the best advice and treatment. An MRI Scan revealed that I have a small fracture in my left knee and the bone was being held in place by perfectly good cartilage. I just wanted the surgery so I could get back on the field as quickly as possible. At the time Mr. Tselentakis suggested that I rest from sports for 6 months and have physio involving an exercise and strengthening programme. His advice was to allow the bone to heal naturally. Eventually this injury stopped bothering me, now when I look back on this I am aware of how lucky I was to have a Surgeon who advised a non surgical option, the long term benefit to me was his main concern. Mr. Tselentakis provided me with wonderful care, accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan that has been a complete success. Having moved away from football in favour of basketball, I thought that injuries were a thing of the past, how wrong I was!!"

Right Knee Injury at the age of 15

Jonathan 5 stars

A fantastic success story

I know I thanked you at the time and again when I finished my physio with Gill; but i am now writing to let you know, 2 years on, how successful the operation to the cruciate ligament in 2014 on my right knee has been.

I know age was not on my side for the procedure but with initial physio from gill, the encouragement from Roger and my determination to recover I am absolutely delighted to report that I am now fitter than i think i have ever been. We had a brilliant winter skiing. I am now able to run 5 km under 35 minutes, have been enjoying lots of strenuous walks in the Alps and back playing tennis.

I would certainly recommend anyone to have the hamstring taken from the other leg as I had a harder time recovering from that than the cruciate operation and the hamstring still tightens up.

Many thanks again for you help and advice. A fantastic success story for all concerned.

There certainly was life left in the old dog!!!

Yours Sincerely

Ruth Pennock 5 stars
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